About Our Family Business

Our Sunday mFleaMarket.com space is more than a shared vendor and sales site. It is a meeting ground for shoppers to find food, clothes and unique treasures!

Meet the Founders, Cal and Rose

Calvert and Rose Midgley founded Midgley's Country Flea Market in 1974.

Cal grew up in Riverside, California and in the early 1950's he moved to Sebastopol and built a home on the original property. In the early 1970's he went to Hawaii to work at the Sheraton Hotel on Waikiki as a carpenter.


Rose grew up in Los Angeles and in the early 1950's moved to Napa. In the early 1970's she and a girlfriend went on a vacation to Hawaii. The girlfriend had known Cal since childhood. When Cal met Rose, he immediately fell in love with her. He quit his job and came back to California and later they were married. Cal started building tables and Rose started the Snack Bar.


Every weekend Cal loved to walk around the flea market meeting and greeting all the vendors and talking to everyone. While Cal was busy being the ambassador, Rose was busy in the Snack Bar making breakfast and serving her famous chili for lunch along with the best hamburgers, fries, and other delights.


Cal passed away in 1989 and Rose continued to run the Snack Bar until the age of 85. Folks from miles around loved Rose and she became a legend and so did Midgley's Country Flea Market.


Now the Flea Market has been handed down to Rose's children who are continuing their long-term family legacy.

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